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The website "jimmyfairly.com" provides Internet users with a presentation of Jimmy Fairly's business, specializing in the sale of frames and corrective glasses.

Access to the site https://www.jimmyfairly.com (hereinafter referred to as "jimmyfairly.com"), its consultation and its use are subordinated to the unreserved acceptance of these Terms of Use. These conditions are concluded between, on the one hand, JIMMY FAIRLY and on the other hand, those wishing to make a purchase via the website of Jimmy Fairly (www.jimmyfairly.com), hereinafter referred to as "client".



1. Legal notice and scope


This site "Jimmyfairly.com" is published and hosted by Jimmy Fairly, SAS in the capital of 40,182 euros, having its head office at 23, rue du Mail, 75002 Paris, registered at the RCS of Paris under number 530 422 427, whose intra-Community VAT number is FR44530422427.

The email address is: WECARE@JIMMYFAIRLY.COM

The director of publication of "jimmyfairly.com" is Mr. Antonin Chartier, President of Jimmy Fairly.



2. Acceptance of the General Conditions

These general conditions of sale have the object, on the one hand, to inform any customer on the conditions and modalities in which Jimmy Fairly proceeds to the sale and delivery of the ordered products and, else part, to define the rights and obligations of the parties as part of the sale by Jimmy Fairly.
The acceptance of the CGVs in the form of a Click occurs during any account creation and / or order on the site and constitutes the evidence that the customer has taken note of the said provisions. In order for its order, the customer declares that he has read the present terms and conditions and accepted the rights and obligations. No order is possible without this agreement. The click is the electronic formulation of the "yes" or acceptance.

The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions supposes on the part of the Internet users whether they are major and enjoy the necessary legal capacity for this, or failing that they have the authorization of a guardian or a curator. They are incapable.

The customer has the ability to save and print the CGVs using the standard features of his browser or computer.

The CGVs apply to the exclusion of any other conditions, including those in effect for in-store sales.



3. Modification of current general conditions


Jimmy Fairly reserves the right to modify, freely and at any time the general conditions of use of "jimmyfairly.com".

Each user connecting to "jimmyfairly.com" is invited to regularly consult the terms and conditions of use in order to read any changes. The renewed use of the site as these general conditions of use progresses the acceptance by each user of the general conditions of use in force.



4. Price and availability


4.1. Price


The selling prices of products online on the site Jimmyfairly.com, are indicated according to the currency of the country in euros or in pound sterling, all taxes included with the standard delivery charges.

(See Article 9 "Delivery"). Prices can be modified at any time by Jimmy Fairly, the prices displayed are only valid at the day of the order and do not affect the future. Prices include value added tax (VAT) applicable to the day of order. Any changes in the applicable VAT rate will be automatically passed on to the price of products sold by Jimmy Fairly.


4.2. Availability


The products presented on the site "jimmyfairly.com", are valid as long as they are announced and within the limits of available stocks. The availability of products is indicated on the site.

In the event of a total or partial unavailability of products after passing the order, the buyer will be informed by e-mail as soon as possible from the unavailability of the product and the cancellation of his order.

In case of cancellation of the order: the order of the buyer will be refunded from the price or products not available as soon as possible and, at the latest, within thirty days from the notification of the unavailability. The refund will be made by the same way as the buyer used to pay his order.



5. Order


By passing a command of glasses equipped with corrective glasses on the site, the customer certies:

  • Being over 18 years old, or failing to have the authorization of a guardian or curator if they are incapable.
  • Being in possession of a valid medical prescription for glasses equipped with corrective glasses. This prescription, can be entered directly by the customer or transmitted as a prescription at Jimmy Fairly (to establish the order). As long as Jimmy Fairly has received the medical prescription, the delivery will be suspended.


In order to order, the customer will be able to select one or more products and add them to the basket. The selection process of eyeglasses breaks down into two additional steps and will be subject to a quotation as a summary:


  • Step 1: Product Choice
  • Step 2: Choice of glasses according to different possibilities (glasses without correction or unifocal), and different non-mandatory options (anti-scratches, anti-reflections, anti-dirt, etc.),
  • Step 3: Intelligence of the prescription (correction, pupillary deviation etc.) according to different modalities. The client declares without limit or reserve to be informed that for lack of providing a medical order under the age of three, he can not benefit from the repayments of health insurance, under the usual conditions.
  • Step 4: Validation of the basket (order interface in which the products selected by the buyer are found).
  • Step 5: Coordinates and information on delivery
  • Step 6: Choice of the type of delivery
  • Step 7: Choice of payment method. (See Article 8: Payment)
  • Step 8: Validation of the order by the click on the "Payment" button.
  • Step 9: Receipt of a confirmation email within a maximum of 24 hours, edited by Jimmy Fairly
  • Step 10: Receipt of an email offering the creation of a personal space (see Article 7 "Creation of a personal space")

Jimmy Fairly reserves the right to suspend or cancel any execution and / or delivery of an order, regardless of its nature and level of execution, in the event of a lack of payment or partial payment of any amount. which would be due by the customer to the company, in the event of a payment incident, or in case of fraud or attempted fraud relating to the use of the site and the payment of an order.



6. Ownership clause


The products and articles remain the property of Jimmy Fairly until the full payment of their price, in accordance with this property retention clause. The risks are nevertheless transferred to the customer from their delivery.



7. Creating a personal space


The creation of a personal space is optional when ordering a client, at www.jimmyfairly.com. However, it is strongly advised for the follow-up of the order, in particular in order to inform the information necessary for the personalization of its glasses and the generation of its invoice and its care sheet for its CPAM and if necessary its mutual or complementary Health. To this end, the customer will be invited to provide a number of personal information. The Customer undertakes to provide accurate information under penalty of the contract resolution at the initiative of the client account editor and deletion.


Some information is deemed essential for the conclusion of the contract and their collection is necessary for the provision of the Customization Service of the Glasses and the conclusion of the contract. The refusal by a member to provide such information will prevent the creation of the personal space as well as, incidentally, the validation of the order.

This space allows the customer to consult all his orders made on the site, and also allows them, if necessary, to follow the delivery of these.

If the data contained in the Personal Space section came to disappear as a result of a fortuitous event, a technical breakdown or a case of force majeure, the liability of the publisher of this site could not be initiated, these information with no probative value but only an informative character. The publisher, however, undertakes to securely maintain all contractual elements whose conservation is required by the law or the regulations in force.


The pages relating to personal spaces are freely printed by the account holder in question but do not constitute proof, they only have an informative nature to ensure effective management of his orders by the client.

When creating the personal space, the user is prompted to choose a password. This password constitutes the guarantee of the confidentiality of the information contained in its section "My Account" and the user is therefore intended to transmit or communicate it to a third party. Otherwise, the site can not be held responsible for unauthorized access to a user's account.


JIMMY FAIRLY reserves the exclusive right to delete any member who would have contravened these General Conditions (in particular but without this example of any exhaustive nature, when the member knowingly provided erroneous information. its registration and the constitution of its personal space) or any inactive account for at least one year. The said deletion will not be likely to constitute damage for the excluded member who can not claim any compensation thereof.

This exclusion is not exclusive of the possibility for Jimmy Fairly to undertake judicial prosecutions against the member, when the facts have justified it.



8. Payment


The customer can order on the JimmyFairly.com website and can make a payment by credit card. The customer warrants that he has the necessary authorizations to use the method of order he has chosen for his order.


8.1. Available payment method: Bank cards


The credit cards accepted on the site Jimmyfairly.com are: Carte Bleue, Visa, American Express and MasterCard. These payment cards must be issued by a banking or financial institution located in the European Union or in Monaco.


8.2. Security in payment transactions


Bank card payments are made using secure transactions provided by the Stripe Provider. As part of credit card payments, Jimmy Fairly has no access to the user's payment methods. The payment is made directly in the hands of the banking institution.

In order to ensure the security of payment by credit card on the site Jimmyfairly.com, the customer will have to transmit to Jimmy Fairly the Visual Cryptogram (CVV) on the back of the credit card used by the customer.



9. Delivery

The products ordered by the Customer in accordance with these CGVs will be delivered to the address indicated by the buyer as the delivery address on the order concerned ("Delivery Address"). JIMMY FAIRLY delivers all the countries of the European Union, excluding Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein and also delivers to Monaco.

Standard delivery charges are included in the price, indicated to the Customer before any settlement and only concern deliveries made in Corsican metropolitan France included, the United Kingdom and Germany.

For any other place of delivery, the delivery charges worth 20 euros, will be charged in addition to the price of the products purchased by the buyer. In case of delivery of a parcel manifestly and visibly damaged, it is up to the customer to refuse it to enjoy the guarantee offered by the carrier. The customer will also have to inform the seller without delay, so that a new package will be prepared to him, then shipped upon receipt of the degraded parcel. In such cases, the delivery times indicated above in these terms and conditions will no longer be applicable.

The unavailability, even prolonged and without any limiting duration, of one or more products, can not be constitutive of injury for Internet users and may not give rise to the granting of damages on the part of the site or of his publisher.


9.1. Delivery delay


The orders are delivered by TNT, within a maximum of 30 working days from the perfect price of the price corresponding to the counterparty by the seller, if it has all the elements to honor the order. See "Order" section.

Some products or certain volumes of order may nevertheless justify a superior delivery time, it will be made expressly for the consumer during the validation of the order.


9.2. Apparent vice


The customer undertakes to verify the compliance of the product on his order during delivery. Any delivery error compared to the apparent order or vice shall be the subject of a claim, within 7 days of delivery. After this period, the product will be deemed received by the customer, which will no longer be able to avail itself of a delivery error or an apparent vice.


9.3. Damage and partial losses


In accordance with Article L 133-3 of the French Commercial Code, the receipt of the objects transported off any action against the carrier for damage or partial loss if within three days, not included on the holidays, which follow that of this reception, the recipient did not notify the carrier, by registered letter, his motivated protest.

Claims related to the transport of products will therefore have to be covered by the transport document and then confirmed to the carrier and the publisher by registered letter with request for receipt within three days from the receipt of products barely foreclosure of reserves and claims.



10. Consumer Rights Provisions


10.1. Customer service


The customer service of this site is accessible from Monday to Friday from 10am to 19h by email at the following address Wecare@jimmyfairly.com or by post at the following address: Jimmy Fairly, 23 rue du Mail, 75002 Paris. The publisher undertakes to provide a response within 5 working days.


10.2. Right to retract


In accordance with Article L. 221-18 of the Consumer Code, the Buyer has a period of 14 days at the time of receipt of the package comprising the ordered products, to exercise his right of legal retraction without having to motivate his decision. The customer having made a purchase on the site Jimmyfairly.com will have a period of 30 days from the day of receipt of the package.

The client exercising his right of withdrawal under the conditions laid down in this section in terms of time and modalities for return of the products, may obtain a refund of his returned order, in accordance with Article L221-24 of the Consumer Code. The refund will be made according to the means of payment used for the initial transaction, unless expressly agreed by the customer for another refund.

In accordance with the provisions of Article L121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, the Customer may in any way claim the exercise of any right of withdrawal for the orders of all products that are clearly personalized or made according to their specifications (eg eyeglasses).

In order to exercise this right, the Customer will have to inform Jimmy Fairly of his willingness to retract by contacting the Jimmy Fairly Customer Service within 30 days of the order at the following address: Jimmy Fairly, 23 rue du Mail 75002 Paris or by email at the following address: WECARE@JIMMYFAIRLY.COM.


10.3. Late delivery


Any delivery delay of more than thirty days may result in the resolution of the sale on the initiative of the consumer, on a simple written request from his part, sent by registered letter with request for receipt. The customer will then be reimbursed amounts initiated by him when ordering. This clause is not intended to apply if the delivery delay is due to a case of force majeure, independent of the will of Jimmy Fairly.

In such a case, the Customer undertakes not to exercise prosecution of the site and his publisher and renounces to avail himself of the resolution of the sale provided for in this article.



11. Warranty of products purchased on this site


All products sold on this site are marketed in accordance with the legislative and regulatory provisions in force and benefit from all the necessary approvals for their placement on the market. The mandatory displays required by the existing legislative and regulatory provisions will be made on this site, and in particular in the summary of the order and the descriptive sheet of each article

In the event of a product of a product purchased on this site, the clients have, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code on the legal guarantee of hidden defects, with a period of two years from the date of discovery of the vice for Request the exchange or reimbursement, and, pursuant to Article L211-5 of the Consumer Code they will have a period of two years from the receipt of the product to request the exchange or reimbursement , in the event that the delivered property is not in conformity, in the sense given to this word by the article mentioned above.

In order to exercise any of these rights, it is up to them to return the package to the headquarters of the company: SAS JIMMY FAIRLY, 23 rue du Mail, 75002 Paris, accompanied by an explanatory letter requesting either repayment or exchange. The shipping costs of the package, in the latter case only, will then be reimbursed to the customer by bank check or by transfer, within a maximum of thirty days.

The objects acquired on this site benefit, in addition to the guarantee of the hidden defects defined by the Civil Code as well as the guarantee of good compliance imposed by Article L211-5 of the Consumer Code, if any,. Applicable and which is defined above, a conventional guarantee offered by the seller, whose duration and modalities will be indicated on the specified specification in the form of a summary of the order and in the instructions for use of each article.

The hidden vice being a fault of the thing which, under normal conditions of use, makes it unsuitable for the use to which it is intended and the obligation of conformity stands as the remission of the contractually agreed thing, the Editor of this site is not responsible, even in the context of the conventional guarantee, of the normal wear and tear of the products, accidental damage or resulting from the abnormal use of the products.



12. Subscription to the Jimmy Fairly newsletter


By entering his email address and his postal code or by checking the box provided for this purpose, the customer agrees that Jimmy Fairly can send him, at a frequency and in a form he will determine, a newsletter (letter of information) that may include information relating to the activity of the latter.

The customer will become subscribed to the company's email and SMS communications of Jimmy Fairly and will have the ability to unsubscribe by clicking on a link provided for this purpose, present in each newsletters or by sending an SMS to STOP SMS, present in each of the SMS.



13. Sponsorship Program


Jimmy Fairly offers its customers a sponsorship program that to credit reductions on its personal space for an upcoming order.

The sponsorship allows the godfather to benefit from 10 euros of discount to his network of near during their first order and to get 10 euros on his credit sponsorship.

The godfather will be able to use this appropriation sponsorship on his next orders in all Jimmy Fairly shops or on the site Jimmyfairly.com.

A godfather will be able to sponsor up to 7 godsters over a period of 6 months slippery and thus get up to 70 euros of credit sponsorship on his personal account. The godfather is limited to 70 euros per order. The sponsor must be an active customer of Jimmy Fairly, he will have received his referral code by email after his first order in the Jimmy Fairly shops or on the site. This code can not be communicated publicly on any media such as on the Internet (reduction, affiliate site, forums, etc.), with the exception of social networks like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Any publicly communicated code, excluding the authorized networks, will lead to deleting the customer account and its sponsorship credits.

In order for the sponsorship to be taken into account it is imperative that the client informs the sponsorship code during the passage of his order. The customer can only benefit from a single sponsorship for an order. All sponsorship offers are not cumulative with other current commercial offers at Jimmy Fairly.



14. Responsibilities


JIMMY FAIRLY declines any responsibility in case:

  • Momentary impossibility of access to "jimmyfairly.com" (and / or sites being linked) due in particular:
    • - technical maintenance or updating operations published information
    • - technical problems and what some of the origin and origin, and in particular in the event of destruction of material, attack or hacking, deprivation, deletion or prohibition
  • temporary or definitive impossibility - including faults or unavailability in hosting servers-, Internet access
  • direct or indirect damage caused by the user, whatever the nature, resulting from the content, access, or the use of "jimmyfairly.com" (and / or sites related to it) , as well as the impossibility of using "jimmyfairly.com" (and / or sites related to it)
  • abnormal use or an illicit exploitation of "jimmyfairly.com". The user of "jimmyfairly.com" is then responsible for the damage caused to third parties and the consequences of claims or actions that could result. The user also renounces any recourse against Jimmy Fairly in the case of continuing prosecution by a third party against him as a result of the use and / or the illicit use of the site.
  • JIMMY FAIRLY reserves the opportunity to seize all rights against any person who had not complied with the provisions relating to Articles 323-1 to 323-7 of the Criminal Code, and in particular that suggests fraudulently, to All or part of an automated data processing system of "jimmyfairly.com".



15. Editorial content and other services made available


Users who can access software published by third parties (including Google Maps edited by Google), via the site "jimmyfairly.com", use them under their sole responsibility. Each Google Maps user declares to have previously accepted the conditions of use of Google and of Google Maps.

Consequently, the responsibility of Jimmy Fairly, nor from one of its partners or attendants, can not be sought for the information and services offered on the site for any damage, of any kind.

JIMMY FAIRLY does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, update and completeness of the information and services made available, Jimmy Fairly putting all the means available to provide users with a content of quality.

The use of information and services offered on "jimmyfairly.com" is done under the responsibility of the user, who remains solely responsible for the commitments he contracts.

Practical articles and information relating to the company's field of activity Jimmy Fairly are made available to users on "Jimmyfairly.com", as an indication, for a single documentary purpose. In no case, they constitute an alternative to consulting a professional in the sector concerned.

The responsibility of Jimmy Fairly can not be sought for the use of these associated software and services, for any damage of any kind.



16. Hypertext links


16.1. Links from "jimmyfairly.com"


"Jimmyfairly.com" may contain hypertext links to sites operated by third parties. These links are provided for information only. Jimmy Fairly has no control over these sites and declines any responsibility for the access, content or use of these sites, as well as the damage that may result from the consultation of the information present on these sites. The decision to activate these links is the full responsibility of the user.


16.2. Links to "jimmyfairly.com"


No hypertext link can be created to "jimmyfairly.com" without the express prior consent of Jimmy Fairly.

If a user or legal person wishes to create, from his site, a hypertext link to "Jimmyfairly.com", he must first contact Jimmy Fairly at the address mentioned in point 3. Eligibility or not Such a request will be transmitted to the person concerned.



17. Information and freedoms


Jimmy Fairly, as well as the brand and all illustrations, images and logotypes and any content on the site Jimmyfairly.com (including but not limited to the general conditions of use and these terms and conditions of sale) are and will remain the exclusive property of Jimmy Fairly or the intellectual property rights holder concerned. The Customer therefore acknowledges that, in the absence of authorization, any total or partial copying and any dissemination or exploitation of one or more of these items, even modified, will be likely to give rise to prosecution taken against him by Jimmy Fairly.

This protection will focus on all the textual and graphic contents of this site, but also its structure, on its name and graphic charter.



18. Intellectual Property


18.1. Copyright and neighboring rights


All elements constituting "jimmyfairly.com" (texts, graphics, software, photographs, images, sounds, plans, names, logos, brands, creations and works of various, databases, etc ...) as well as the site it - even, fall under French and international laws on copyright and neighboring copyright rights, including Articles L.122-4 and L.122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code. These elements are the exclusive property of Jimmy Fairly, apart from the elements made by stakeholders outside "Jimmyfairly.com" has not sold their copyrights or their neighboring rights.


As a result, the user of "jimmyfairly.com" undertakes notably not to:


        • use or interrogate "jimmyfairly.com" for the account or for the benefit of others,
        • to reproduce in number, for commercial purposes or not, creations, information, or photographs present on "jimmyfairly.com",
        • integrate all or part of the content of "jimmyfairly.com" into a third party, for commercial purposes or not,
        • Use a robot, including exploration (Spider), a search application or recovery of websites or any other means to recover or index all or part of the content of "jimmyfairly.com", except in case of authorization express and prerequisite for Jimmy Fairly,
        • Copy information on brackets of any kind for restoring all or part of the original files.


Any use, reproduction, representation or unauthorized adaptation of an original page or element of "jimmyfairly.com" is constitutive of a counterfeiting engaging the civil and criminal liability of its author. It may also result in a violation of rights to the image, rights of persons or any other rights and regulations in force.

Jimmy Fairly reserves the possibility of exercising all rights against persons who have not respected the prohibitions contained in this article.



18.2. Database Producer Rights


Jimmy Fairly is the producer of the database constituted by "jimmyfairly.com", within the meaning of Article L 341-1 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property. Any extraction or use of the content of the basic not expressly authorized may initiate the civil and / or criminal liability of its author. Jimmy Fairly reserves the opportunity to seize all rightways against those who have not respected this prohibition.



18.3. Trademark


The name and the "Jimmy Fairly" logotype are a registered trademark, owned by Jimmy Fairly. Any use of this mark - and any other trademark of Jimmy Fairly because of its activity - not expressly authorized may engage the author's and / or criminal liability of its author. Jimmy Fairly reserves the possibility of exercising all rights against persons who would affect his rights.



19. Protection of personal data


In accordance with the General Regulations for the EU Data Protection 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 and the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 in its modified versions, any person concerned by a personal data processing has access rights to its data, opposition to the use of its data, rectification, erasure and the portability of its data.

It also has the right to limit the processing of its data, not to be the subject of a decision based on automated treatment, to introduce an action with the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms and to give Guidelines on the fate of his data after his death.

Jimmy Fairly has appointed the CNIL a data protection delegate that you can contact by email at dpo@jimmyfairly.com or by mail to the following postal address:


23, rue du Mail, 75002 Paris.

You will specify "Jimmy Fairly" on your request.

To learn more about processing your data and cookies deposited on the site by Jimmy Fairly, please see our:

  • Data protection policy
  • Cookie Policy



20. Applicable law clause and jurisdiction

The fact that Jimmy Fairly does not prevail at some point in one of the provisions of these general conditions of sale and use can not be interpreted as a renunciation of renunciation.

All disputes that may arise on the validity, the interpretation, the acceptance and execution of the present, regardless of the place of subscription, or settlement, will be the subject of an attempt to settle. that the parties undertake to search. Failing it within a period of one (1) month from the written notification of such a dispute, the Courts of Paris shall be the sole responsibility even in the case of a warranty or plurality of defendants, for the emergency or conservatory procedures, referred or by request.

These general conditions of sale and use are subject to French law, which determines, on a case-by-case basis, the applicable law. In the absence of any imperative contrary or in the presence of a choice in the determination of the applicable law, the French law will be applied.



21. Right of withdrawal


If one of the clauses of these Terms and Conditions were to be narrored by a court decision, this nullity can not carry the nullity of all other clauses, which would continue to produce their effect.

The fact, for the publisher, not to avail themselves on a temporary or permanent basis of one or more clauses of these Terms and Conditions, will not preclude renunciation of the remainder of the general conditions.









JIMMY FAIRLY is committed to the privacy of its customers and users of its services and website.

This Personal Data Protection Policy (hereinafter the "Policy") aims to provide simple, clear, and complete information about the processing of your personal data implemented by JIMMY FAIRLY.

JIMMY FAIRLY hopes that this policy will help you understand our commitments to protect your privacy.

You can refer to the following sections:

  1. General principles adhered to by JIMMY FAIRLY in the processing of personal data (1);
  2. Processing of your personal data modalities (2);
  3. Cookie management (3);
  4. Your GDPR rights (4);
  5. Contact information of our Data Protection Officer where you can exercise your rights (5).

JIMMY FAIRLY may modify the data protection policy as needed. We will ensure that you are informed of these changes either through a special notice on our site or through a personalized warning, especially in the context of our newsletter mailings.



1) General commitments


Compliance with Personal Data Protection Regulation

JIMMY FAIRLY is responsible for processing your personal data in accordance with the conditions detailed in the Policy and ensures that the collection and processing of this data are carried out in compliance with the current regulations (Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, known as the Data Protection Act in its latest version, and Regulation No. 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, known as GDPR).

A Data Protection Officer has been appointed by JIMMY FAIRLY to ensure the security of your data and answer any questions you may have about your data.

General Measures for Protecting Personal Data Legality of Processing

JIMMY FAIRLY ensures that all data processing it performs as a data controller serves lawful purposes within the meaning of Articles 6 and 9 of the GDPR.

Minimization of Collected Data

JIMMY FAIRLY undertakes to collect and process only data strictly necessary for the purposes pursued in the context of its activities of creating, manufacturing, and selling optical products. All individuals with access to your data are bound by professional secrecy.

Moreover, each form on our website and platforms limits the collection of personal data to the strict minimum and indicates the objective(s) of collecting this data as well as the recipient(s) of the data.

Data essential to the management of your requests, if applicable, are indicated by an asterisk on each form. If you do not fill in these mandatory fields, JIMMY FAIRLY will not be able to respond to your requests and/or provide you with the requested services. Other information is optional and allows us to better manage your requests and improve our communication and services to you.

Accuracy of Collected Data

JIMMY FAIRLY undertakes to keep only personal data that is accurate and to rectify or erase promptly any data that is inaccurate.

Limitation of Data Retention

JIMMY FAIRLY undertakes to limit the retention of your personal data to a duration not exceeding that necessary for the purposes for which they are processed. Your personal data is kept in active use for a strictly limited duration to achieve the objective that justified their collection/record. Subsequently, your personal data is deleted, except when longer retention as archives is required in accordance with applicable legal provisions. Archived data is only accessed occasionally, for the purpose justifying their archiving and by persons specifically authorized within JIMMY FAIRLY. If necessary, your data is deleted after the required archiving period.

Security of Your Data

JIMMY FAIRLY undertakes to protect your personal data against any loss, destruction, alteration, unauthorized access, or disclosure. For this purpose, JIMMY FAIRLY implements appropriate technical and organizational measures, considering the nature of the data and the risks associated with its processing, to preserve the security and confidentiality of your personal data and, in particular, to prevent them from being distorted, damaged, or accessed by unauthorized third parties. These measures may include practices such as limiting access to data to only personnel authorized to access it due to their functions, contractual guarantees when using an external provider, privacy impact assessments, regular reviews of our privacy practices and policies, and/or physical and/or logical security measures (data pseudonymization, secure access, authentication process, backup copies, antivirus software, firewall, etc.).

Sharing Your Data with Third Parties and Transferring Your Data Outside the European Union

Subject to your prior consent when required, your data may be transmitted to technical service providers chosen for their expertise and reliability who act on our behalf and according to our instructions (IT subcontractor, host of our servers, business partners, etc.).

We only authorize these providers to use your personal data to the extent necessary to provide services on our behalf or to comply with legal requirements, and we strive to ensure that your personal data is continuously protected.

JIMMY FAIRLY may also communicate your data to third parties when such communication is required by law, a regulatory provision, or a court decision, or if this communication is necessary to ensure the protection and defense of our rights.

JIMMY FAIRLY may transfer your encrypted health data to other countries where privacy laws may not be as strict. These transfers are governed by binding corporate rules as well as standard contractual clauses and, depending on the recipient countries of your data, additional measures proposed by the European Data Protection Committee (EDPC) to ensure a level of protection equivalent to that provided in the European Economic Area.

Data Concerning Minors

JIMMY FAIRLY undertakes to process personal data of minors only when strictly necessary for the exercise of its activity. If necessary, JIMMY FAIRLY undertakes to ensure respect for the rights of the minor regarding their personal data, in particular through adapted methods of informing the concerned persons, confidentiality, and security of data processing.



2) Modalities of processing your personal data


Why are your personal data collected?

Your personal data may be collected and processed by JIMMY FAIRLY for the following purposes:

  1. To enable you to use JIMMY FAIRLY services (including the creation and use of your JIMMY FAIRLY customer account).
  2. To facilitate the ordering of JIMMY FAIRLY products, including their manufacturing, delivery, and billing. Additionally, this includes the transmission of invoices to your health insurance and social security organization if applicable.
  3. To assist our opticians during in-store appointments (including vision tests) and help you choose frames, corrective lenses, and options if needed.
  4. To offer you our current commercial offers tailored to your needs (e.g., sending advertising messages, contests, promotions).
  5. To evaluate and improve our services and products, process your feedback, and make any improvements that could benefit you.
  6. To provide after-sales services.
  7. To implement your GDPR rights.
  8. To ensure the tracking of our accounting and any disputes.

All of these processes are based on various legal grounds (Article 6 of the GDPR):

  • Either based on the need for JIMMY FAIRLY to fulfill the order you have placed (execution of a contract).
  • Or based on a legal obligation (e.g., the obligation for JIMMY FAIRLY opticians to provide appropriate assistance for your vision test/correction needs; the obligation for JIMMY FAIRLY in the management of its accounting).
  • Or based on a legitimate interest of JIMMY FAIRLY for the needs of its commercial activities and improvement of its products and services.

If you are not yet a JIMMY FAIRLY customer, your prior consent is requested before receiving our current commercial offers.

What personal data is processed by JIMMY FAIRLY?

JIMMY FAIRLY needs to collect and use various information about you, which may include:

  • Identification data: postal address, email, gender, phone number, date of birth, name, first name, etc.
  • Billing and/or payment data: bank details, payment method, transaction history. In the case of ordering corrective lenses: social security number, data related to your health insurance, etc.
  • Commercial and usage data: subscribed services, used products, promotion data, means and connection data, etc.
  • Health data (optical prescription, prescription for corrective lenses, data related to your visual correction, data related to your refraction tests, health questionnaires, optical equipment, etc.)
  • Data provided by filling out forms or questionnaires, downloading content.
  • Customer relationship tracking data: assistance requests, after-sales service, newsletter subscriptions; correspondence with the customer, etc.
  • Participation data in contests and surveys or other promoted activities that may require information about you.

When we ask you to enter your personal data to enable your access to one of the features or services on our website, remember that some fields will be marked as mandatory as they are necessary for the service in question or to enable you to access that feature. Therefore, if you decide not to provide us with this data, your registration as a user may not be successfully completed, or you may not be able to benefit from these services or features.

Who has access to your personal data?

Your personal data is processed only by authorized personnel subject to professional secrecy. This includes:

  • JIMMY FAIRLY staff, including sellers, advisors, and opticians in-store, as well as those responsible for online stores, billing, accounting, commercial actions, customer reviews, after-sales services, and IT system management.

All JIMMY FAIRLY personnel with access to your personal data are bound by professional secrecy.

Our Partners

Your personal data may be shared with our partners for order management, after-sales services, and sending messages, newsletters, advertising content, and ongoing promotions. These data will only be communicated to our commercial partners if you do not object (a non-opposition/consent checkbox will be offered beforehand). Please note that you can withdraw your consent or object at any time to the processing of your personal data for commercial promotion purposes.

Organizations Taking Charge of Your Corrective Lenses

For your corrective lenses to be covered by health insurance, your data must be communicated by JIMMY FAIRLY to your Health Insurance Fund and your health insurance company.

Certified Health Data Host

When we collect medical data for your vision tests and corrective lenses, this data is securely stored by a certified health data host, as required by regulations.

How Long is Your Personal Data Retained by JIMMY FAIRLY?

Your data is kept in JIMMY FAIRLY records for the duration necessary for the purpose of their processing. Please refer to the following table for these retention periods : 








Order management, delivery, service execution, or provision of goods, refraction tests, etc.



Contract execution


Duration of the contractual relationship

Accounting, tax obligations, etc.

Legal obligations


Legal conservation duration of 10 years 

Customer relationship monitoring

Surveys / custer reviews / commercial messages



Legitimate interest



Duration necessary to achieve the objective of the survey or until the exercise of the right to object


Handling complaints


Contract execution


Duration of the contractual relationship


After-sales service


Contract execution


Duration of the contractual relationship


Studies on the quality of products and services, Sales statistics


Legitimate interest


Duration necessary to achieve the objective of the study or until the exercise of the right to object


Management of prospecting activities for individuals who are not customers of JIMMY FAIRLY


Automated sending of electronic messages (email, SMS, automated calling system, etc.)



3 years from the last contact with the person or until the withdrawal of consent

Management of online forms

Legitimate interest


Durée nécessaire à la gestion de la demande en ligne


Management of your GDPR rights


Legitimate interest


Up to 3 years after the exercise of your right



Dispute resolution


Legitimate interest


Throughout the duration of the relevant prescription




Your data is stored in the active database of JIMMY FAIRLY for the durations specified in the table above, and afterward, they are archived for a period in accordance with the applicable legal provisions based on the purpose of the respective processing.

In all cases, your data is retained using methods that ensure their security and confidentiality.


3) Cookie Policy

JIMMY FAIRLY's policy regarding cookie management is accessible online upon arriving on the site and is managed through CookieFirst.


4) What are your rights?

You have the right, at any time, to request access, rectification, erasure, and, in certain cases, portability of your personal data, or to request to restrict or object to its processing. You can also request the withdrawal of your given consent, if any, for a specific processing.

To exercise these rights, you can directly contact JIMMY FAIRLY as specified in the section 'How and who to contact to exercise your rights?' below.

Please note that if you exercise any of the rights mentioned above, you will be asked to let us know which right you wish to exercise and to provide certain information (copy of an ID card, passport, or other legally recognized identification) for identification purposes to process your request and protect against fraudulent requests from third parties.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties ('CNIL') in case of a presumed violation of the current personal data protection rules.

Below are explanations regarding the nature of your rights.

- You want to access your personal data: The right of access allows you to know if personal data concerning you is processed by JIMMY FAIRLY and, if so, to obtain communication of it.

- You want to rectify your personal data: The right of rectification allows you to request the correction or completion of your inaccurate personal data.

- You want to delete your personal data: The right to erasure ('right to be forgotten') allows you to request JIMMY FAIRLY to erase your data for which JIMMY FAIRLY is the data controller, particularly for one of the following reasons:

Your data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was initially collected or used by JIMMY FAIRLY, You have objected to the processing of your data by JIMMY FAIRLY for legitimate reasons, Your data is being processed unlawfully, Your data must be erased to comply with a legal obligation.

Please note that personal data archived by JIMMY FAIRLY to comply with a legal obligation cannot be deleted.

- You want to object to the processing of your personal data: The right to object allows you to object to the processing of your personal data for reasons related to your particular situation.

- You want to limit the processing of your personal data: The right to limit processing allows you to request JIMMY FAIRLY to limit the use of your data when you dispute the accuracy of your personal data, in case of unlawful processing, when we no longer need your personal data, or if you have objected to the processing.

- You want to exercise your rights to the portability of your personal data: The right to data portability allows you to request to receive or have us transmit to a third party, in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format, the personal data you provided to us directly and that we process via an automated process for the execution of your contract or based on your consent.

- You want to withdraw your consent for a specific processing: When the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you can decide to withdraw it at any time. In accordance with current regulations, the withdrawal of your consent will not affect the processing of personal data already carried out or those based on other legal grounds, such as the execution of your contract or compliance with a legal obligation.


5) How and who to contact to exercise your rights?

For any information or exercise of your rights regarding the processing of personal data managed by JIMMY FAIRLY, you can contact us by enclosing your request with a copy of an identity document bearing your signature (ID card, passport):

- By email at the following address: dpo@jimmyfairly.com

- By mail at the following address:

JIMMY FAIRLY Data Protection Officer
23, rue du Mail
75002 - Paris

JIMMY FAIRLY undertakes to provide you with a response within one month following the receipt of your request to exercise one or more of your rights.

You also have the right to file a complaint with the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL), 3 Place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07, for any complaint relating to how JIMMY FAIRLY collects and processes your data.

When you exercise your rights, JIMMY FAIRLY processes your personal data for the purpose of managing your request (title, name, first name, copy of the identity document, nature of the request, response provided). This data is kept for a maximum period of 3 years, except for the copy of your identity document, which is kept for 1 year.


Jimmy Fairly, based at 23 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris - France

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016-01 P282-F42S 016-03 P282-F45S 016-22 P284-BCKLS 020-00 P284 -E124LS 020-00S P29-CRS2L 020-01 P29-E26L 020-01S P2L-CR27S 020-02 P2L-E105S 020-02S P2L-E4 020-20 P2L-E4S 020-20S P2L-P63 020-21 P2L-P63S 020-21S P30-E23 020-75 P30-E23S 020-75S P30-P18 020-A3 P30-P18S 021-00 P31-E10LS 021-00S P31-E21S 021-01 P31-E34LS 021-01S P31-P5S 021- 21 P32-BCKLS 021-21S P32-C17LS 021-23 P32-C18S 021-23S P32-E10S 021-A3 P32-E11S 025-01 P32-E18S 025-01S P33-C31S 025-02 P33-C38S 025-02S P33 -E11 025-20 P33-E11S, I84-B3S I84-BCKS I88-A3S I88-BCKS J20-CRS2S J20-E2S J21-C33S J21-C47S J22-CRS J22-E9S J23-BCKLS J23-E3S J24-C14S J24-C33S J25-CRS12S J25-E13S J26- CRS11S J26-E9S J27-BCKS J27-E13S J28-CRS12S J28-E3S J29-CRS J29-CRS13S J30-BCKLS J30-E4S J31-CRS2S J31-E2 J31-E2S J32-C47 J32-C47S J32-E4 J32-E4S J34 -Bck J34-E2 J35-E4 J35-E4S J35-P1 J35-P1S J36-B10S J36-CR58 J36-CR58S J36-E11, C4-P16 C4-P16S C40-CRS2 C40-E11 C40-E19 C40-E31L C40-P19 C40-P4 C41-CRS 2 C41-D12 C41-E27 C41-F19 C41-P19 C42-E25 C42-E25S C42-F4 C42- F4S C44L-BCK C44L-BCKS C44L-E23 C44L-E23S C44L-E5 C44L-E5S C44L-P16 C44L-P18 C44L-P18S C44S-D19 C44S-E23L C44S-P19 C45-BCKS C45-E23 C45-E23S C45-F18S C46 -C8S C46-F17S C47-BCKMS C47-D20S C47-D35S C47-E119S C47-E25S C47-P18S C47-P40S C48-E10S C48-F16S C49-C30S C49-E34S, C130-CR2S C131-BCKS C131-C19S C132-C4S C132-E2S C132-EC4S C133-BCK C133-BCKS C133-P16 C133-P16S C133L-CR15 C133L-CR15S C133L-P16 C133L-P16S C134-E8 C134-E87 C134- E91 C134-P16 C135-E10 C135-E10S C135-P17 C135-P17S C137-F4 C137-F4S C137-P16 C137-P16S C138-E14S C138-E61S C139-BCKS C139-F35S C14-CRS 2 C14-E10 C14-E48 C14 -P16 C14-P20 C140-C43S C140-F32S C140-F36S C140-F45S C141-BCKS C141-E70S C141-E83LS C142-E50S C142-P19LS C142-P19S C143-BCKS, 025-20s P33-E2S 025-41S P33-E34S 028-01 P33-P1S 028-01S P34-C40S 028-02 P34-E35S 028-02S P34-E4 028-21 P34-E43S 028- 030-00 P35-C10S 030-00 P35-C10 030-00S P35-CR 030-01 P35-CRS 030-01S P35-CRS2 030-02 P35 -Crs2S 030-02S P35-E13S 030-20S P35-E2S 030-A10 P35-E36 030-A10S P35-E36S 030S-CRS2 P36-BCKLS 030S-D4 P36-C10S 032-01S P36-C33S 032-40 P36-E52LS 032-74S P37-C4 032-74S P37-C4 032-P37-C4S 032-P37-CRS2S 034_Celine P37-CRS6 040-D1 P37 -Crs6S 040-E1 040-E2 P37-E23 041-C1S P37-E23S 041-E2 P37-E4 042-C3 P37-E4S 042-C3S P38-C17S 042-C4 P38-CRS2S 042-C4S P38-E2S 042-E2 P38-F3S 042-E2S P39-CRS2LS 043-E1 P39-E11, J36-E11S J36-E2 J36-E2S J36-P4 J36-P4S J37-CRS11S J37-E13S M1-M1M M100-M4S M100-M4S M101-M3S M102-M15S M102-M4S M103-M16S M103- M17S M104-M105-M20 M105-M3 M105-m3s M109-m3s M109-m3s M109-m3s M109-m3s M10L-M1 M10L-M1-V3S M10L-M1S M10L-M2 M10L-M2S M10L-M2S M10L-M7 M7S M10S-M1 M10S-M1-M1-M1S M10S-M3 M10S-M3S M10S-M5S M10S-M5 M10S-M5S M10XL-M1 M10XL-M1S M10XL-M3 M10XL-M3s, C5-BCKC C5-BCKCs C5-E23 C5-E23s C50-E34s C50-E39s C51-BCK C51-BCKs C51-D44s C51-E11 C51-E11s C51-E18 C51-E18s C51-E23s C51-E62s C51-F1s C51- F21s C51-F28s C51-F33s C51-P16s C51-P45s C51-P74s C52-M1s C52-M3s C53-CR C53-CRs C53-CRS2 C53-CRS2s C53-CRSs C54-BCKs C54-E38 C54-E38s C55-E10Ls C55 -E18s C55-E23s C55-E28Ls C56-BCKMs C56-E32s C58-C18 C58-C18s C58-CRS2 C58-CRS2s C58-E10 C58-E10s C59-C19s C59-E23s, C143-E23s C143-P74Ls C144-BCKMs C144-E23s C144-P54s C145-CR15s C145-E23s C146-BCKs C146-E17s C146-E23s C146-E63s C146-F43Ls C146-F45s C146-P19s C147-C10 C147-C10s C147- CR15 C147-CR15s C148-C6s C148-E10s C149-E10s C149-E62s C15-BCK C15-BCKs C15-E10 C15-E10s C15-E18 C15-E18s C15-E23 C15-E23s C15-E38 C15-E38s C15-F23 C15 -F23s C15-F32 C15-F32s C150-BCKs C150-E71s C151-C31 C151-C31s C151-CRS2 C151-CRS2s C151-E10s C151-E11s C151-E89 C151-E89s, 043-E13 P39-E11S 043-E4 P39-F20LS 043-P39-P19 044-P39-P19 044-P39-P190 044-P39-P19S 044-P39-P38S 044- P4 P3M-D27 045-E2 P3M-E10L 045-E5 P3M-E10LS 047-B1 P3M-E27 047-E4 P3M-E28L 047-E4S P3M-E28LS 047-p4 p3m-e3l 047-p4s p3m -E3LS 050-B1 050-E4 P3M-P16S 050-P3 P3M-P20 051-P3M-P20 053-P3M-P20 053-P3M-P20 053-E4 P3M-P4 053-E4 P3S-D48 053-P3 P3S-E10L 054-B1M P3S-E23 054-E4 P3S-E5, 055-B1 P3S-E5-E5-SCREEN 055-C4 P3S-P11 055-E2 P3S-P16 059L-B1M P3S- P20 059L-C13M P3S-P21 059L-D2 P3S-D4 P3S-P22-SCREEN 059L-D4S P3S-P24 059L-E2 P3XS-E23 059L-E3 P3XS-P14 059L-E3S P4-E27L 059L-E4 P4- E28 059L-E4S P40-C37S 059L-E9S P40-C38S 059L-P4 P4S P40-E27S 059L-P4S P40-E2S, M110-M1 M110-M1s M110-M3 M110-M6M M110-M6Ms M111-M21 M111-M21s M111-M6M M111-M6Ms M112-M1s M112-M5s M113-M1s M113-M5s M114-M1 M114-M1s M114-M22 M114- M22S M115-M1 M115-M3 M116-M1 M116-m3s M116-m3s M116-m3s M117-m3 M117-m3 M118-m3s M118-m18-m6M M118-M6M M118-M6M M118-M6M M118-M6M M118 -M1 M119-M1S M119-M6M M119-M1M M11L-M1S M11L-M2 M11L-M2S M11S-M3 M11S-M5 M11S-M5S M12-M5S M11S-M5S M12-M5S M11S-M5S M12-M1S C6-BCK C6-BCKs C6-E23 C6-E23s C60-C19 C60-C19s C60-E38 C60-E38s C61-BCKs C61-E38s C62-E25s C62-P16s C63-CRS2 C63-CRS2s C63-CRS4 C63-CRS4s C63- E10 C63-E10s C63-E25s C63-p16 C63-P16s C64-E25 C64-E25s C64-p16 C64-P16s C65-C33 C65-C38 C65-C38s C65-E10 C65-E10s C66-C40 C66-F22 C67-CR C67 -CRs C67-P18 C67-P18s C68-C41L C68-CRS2 C69-c17 C69-C17s C69-E39 C69-E39s C6M-BCK C6M-BCKs C6M-E23 C6M-E23s, C151-F1 C151-F1S C152-BCKMS C152-E66S C153-B8S C153-BCKS C153-P16S C154-C53S C154-C15-C155-C15S C156-F38S C156-F59S C156- F74S C157-C51S C157-C157-E27S C158-C15S C158-F39S C15-C52S C16-BCKM C16-E10 C16-P19 C161-BCK C162-BCKS C162-E78 C162 -E78S C163-C163-E27S C163-P24 C163-P24S C164-BCK C164-E18 C165-E18 C165-E18S C165-C165-P9S C166-CRS2 C166-CRS2S, 059L-P5S P40-F3S 059L-P41-BCKLS 059L-P41-C30S 059L-P41-CR2S 059S-B1M P41-CRS2S 059S-C6M P41-CRS8S 059S-CRS2 P41-D25S 059S- D2 P41-E10S 059S-D3 P41-E13S 059S-E13 P41-E4S 059S-E2 P42-C39S 059S-E3 P43-E27S 059S-E4 P43-F24 059S-P2 P44-C13S 059S-P4 P44 -C4S 060-B1 P45-F20S 060-B1S P45-P45LS 060-C2 P46-CRS2 060-C20 P46-E11 060-C2S P46-E11S 060-C7 P46-E4 060-C7S P46-E4S 060-CRS2 P46-E9 060-D3 P46M-E4 060-D3S P46M-E8 060-E11 P46XS-P29 060-E13 P47-CRS2 060-E2 P47-CRS2S 060- E2S P47-E13S 060-E9 P47-E73S 060-E9S P47-E74S 060-P4 P48-C19S 060-P6 P48 -CRS2S 060-P6S P48-E2S 061-C5S P49-F3S 061-C6S P5-CRS4, M12-M12S M12-M22-M12-M12-M3S M123-M1S M123-M25- M1 M12- M7 M12- M1S M126- M3S M131-M4 M131-M1 M131-M3S M131-M5 M131-M2S M13-M7 M13-M8S M13- M8 M13- M8S M135 -M1S M139-M141-M1 M141-M141-M2 M141-M2S M143-M1S M15-M2S M16-M1S, C7-BCKS C166-E27 C7-C7-C166-E27S C7-E10S C166-E80S C70-C39 C167-B14S C7 O-C1-C167-F42S C71-BCK C167-P32LS C72- D31S C168S C72-E11S C168-E102S C72-P14 C16-F22S C72-P14S C169-BCKS C72-P34S C169-D44S C73-E18S C17 -E10 C73-P17-E10 C73-P17S C17-P19 C74-C17S C17S C74-E8 C170-C59 C74-P41 C170-E23 C74-P53 C170-E23S C74S-CRS2 C171-BCKS C74S-E8 C171-E23S C74S-P16 C172-CRS2 C74S-P41 C172-CRS2S C75-C172-E101 C76-P19 C172-E101S C76-BCK C172-E11 C77-D28 C173-C31 C77- E27 C173-C31S C78-BCKS C173-CRS2 C79-M1 C173-E11S C79-M1 C173-E120 C79-M5MS C173-E97 C8-E10 C173-E97S C8-E10 C173 -P16 C8-E23 C173-P16S C8-E23S C174-C61 C80-CRS C174-C61S C80-CRS2S C175-CRS2, 063-E2 P22 063-E14S 063-E6S P51-C10S 063-E7 P51-C1S 063-E7S P51-E4S 063-E8S P52-E13S 069- B1S P53-C10S 070-C46-C10S 070-B1S P56-F25S 070-C10S P57-BCKS 070-D2 P57 -C2S 070-D2S P57-CR21S 070-E2 P57-CR22S 070-E2S P57-CR23S 071-B1S P59-BCKS 071-E4S P59-E105S 072-00 P59-E13S 072-00S P59-P65S 072-B1 P6-CRS2 072-B1S P6-E19 072-C10 P6-E23 072-C10S P6-E33 072-C13S P6-E47 072-C18 P6-E48 072-C18S P6-P25 072-C4S P60-E13S 072- C7S P60-E4S 072-E14S P60-F51S 072-E18S P60-F52S 072-E2S P61-C19S 072-E9 P61 -E13S 072-E9S P62-E25S 073-B1S P65-D28 073-C2S P65-E26, M16-M3S M17-M17-M 2-M1 M1-M2-M2-M3 M 2-M2-M2-M2-M9 m2-M2-M2-M8 M22-M2 M2- M8 M22-M2- M21- M3S M23-M23-M24S M23-M2 M23-M24S M23-M5 M23-M24-M5 M24-M25-M1 M25-M25 -M1S M26-m3S M27-M1S M27-M6 ms M29-M1 M2-M6 ms M3-M1 M3-M5 M3-M1s M3-M5S M31-M1, C80-CRS8s C175-E23 C81-E10 C175-F45 C81-E10s C176-BCK C81-E23 C176-BCKs C81-E23s C176-E47 C82-CRS2 C176-E47s C82-CRS2s C177-BCKs C82-F33 C177-E8s C82-F33s C178-CR29s C83-C10 C178-F23s C83-C10s C179-M1s C83-D8 C179-M5s C83-D8s C18-BCK C85-CRS2 C18-BCKs C85-E11 C18-E10 C85-E23 C18-E10s C86-E2 C18-E23 C86-E2s C18-E23s C86-F50 C18-P19 C86-P19L C18-P19s C86-P19Ls C180-BCKC C86-P41 C180-E84 C87-BCK C181-CR31 C87-BCKs C181-CR31s C87-E19 C182-C32 C87-E19s C182-C32s C88-E18 C182-E85 C88-E18s C182-E85s C88-P19 C183-CRS2Ls C88-P19s C183-CRS2s C89-BCK C183-E27Ls C89-P16 C183-E27s C9-BCKs C184-C18Ls C9-P14s C184-E23s C90-E50 C184-P55Ls C90-P24 C185-C58s C90-P40 C185-D39s C90-P40s C186-CR15 C91-BCKC C186-CR15s C91-D47 C186-E23 C91-E23 C186-E23s C91-E23s C188-CR37 C91-E51 C188-CR37s C91-E51s C188-E87 C91-P14Ls C188-E87s C92-BCK C189-P50, 073-c6s P66-E10 073-e11s P66-P36 073-e2s P67-E26 074-b1s P67-F4 074-e9s P68-BCKs 075-B1 P68-D26 075-B1s P68-D26s 075-c13s P68-E23s 075-c6s P68-P32 075-C9 P68-P32s 075-C9s P69-D29 075-e2 P69-D29s 075-e2s P69-P35 075-E4 P7-BCKL 075L-C9 P7-BCKLs 075L-Crs P7-CRS4 075L-E15s P7-CRS4s 075L-E5 P7-E10 076-b1s P7-E10s 076-c2s P7-E25 076-c7s P7-E46 076-c8s P7-P18 076-e11s P7-P18s 076-e2s P70-CR 076-F10s P70-CRs 077-B1 P70-CRS7 077-B1s P70-CRSs 077-C10 P70-E23 077-c10s P70-E23s 077-E2 P70-P19 077-E2s P70-P24 077-E4 P70-P24s 077-E9 P70-P33 077-E9s P70-P33s 078L-E2 P70-P39 078L-E2s P70-P39s 078L-E9 P70-RS7 078L-E9s P70-RS7s 078S-E2 P71-CRS7 078S-E2s P71-E19 078S-E9 P73-E27 078S-E9s P74-BCKLs 079-c13s P74-CRS10Ls 079-C2s P75-D12s 079-C4s P75-E25s 079-c6s P76-D30, M31-M1s M31-M5 M31-M5s M32-M1 M32-M1s M32-M3 M32-M3s M33-M1 M33-M3 M34-M7 M34-M7s M34-M8 M35-M1 M35-M1s M35-M5 M35-M5s M36-M1s M36-M5s M37-M1s M37-M6Ms M38-M1 M38-M1s M38-M5 M38-M5s M4-M1 M4-M1s M4-M2 M4-M2s M4-M5 M4-M5s M40-M1s M40-M3s M41-M2s M41-M5s M42-M1 M42-M1s M42-M5 M42-M5s M43-M1 M43-M1s M43-M3 M43-M3s M44-M1 M44-M1s M44-M6M M44-M6Ms, C92-BCKs C92-P16 C92-P16s C93-C19 C93-C19s C93-E19 C93-E19s C94-E23 C94-E23s C94-E51 C94-E51s C95-E10 C95-E10s C95-P19 C95-P19s C96-BCK C96-E125 C96-E23 C96-E82 C96-E92 C97-BCK C97-CR26 C97-E23 C98-CRS2 C98-CRS2s C98-E23 C98-E23s C99-BCK C99-BCKs C99-E23 C99-E23s camb-black camb-blacks camb-brown camb-browns camb-turt camb-turts DEMO ALB DEMO BASIC DEMO BEST DEMO BETTER DEMO GOOD DEMO POLA E1011-C1 E1011-C1s E1011-C3, C189-P50s C189-P51 C189-P51s C19-BCK C19-E23 C19-P17 C190-CRS2 C190-E37 C192-BCKCs C192-F49s C193-C100 C193-C100s C193-E18 C193-E18s C193-F42 C193-F42s C193-P49 C193-P49s C195 -CR51s C195-CR51 C195-CR51s C195-E100 C195-E100s C196-C54 C196-E99 C197-P59 C197-P60 C198-E100 C198-P61 C199-C55s C199-P59s C1XL-CR24 C1XL-CR24s C1XL-E27 C1XL-E27s C1XL-P39 C1XL-P39s C1XL-P52 C1XL-P52s C1XL-P73 C1XL-P73s C1XS-E8 C1XS-P39 C2-C43s C2-E10 C2-E10s, 079-E2s P76-D30s 080L-B1 P76-E23 080L-B1s P76-E23s 080L-E2 P77-C10s 080L-E2s P77-D8s 080L-E4 P79-BCKs 080L-E4s P79-CRS9s 080S-B1 P7L-E31 080S-B1s P7S-E10 080S-E2 P7S-E10L 080S-E2s P7S-E23 080S-E4 P7S-E27 080S-E4s P7S-E27s 081-C4 P7S-P10M 081-E2 P7S-P10Ms 081-P4 P7S-P14L 082-E9 P7S-P19 082-P4 P7S-P19s 083-c15b P8-CRS2L 083-E2 p8-crs2l-screen 083-P4 P8-E10L 084-C16b P8-E18L 084-E4 P8-E23L 084-P4 P8-E27 085-c15b P8-E40 085-c15bs P8-P11 085-c18 P8-P16L 085-c18s P8-P19, 085-E9 P8-P19L 085-E9s P8-P19L-screen 086-b1 P80-E10 086-c19 P80-E10s 086-p4 P80-F27 087-B1 P80-F27s 087-E9 P81-E23L 087-P4 P82-CR27 088-B1 P82-E23L 088-C18 P82-E23Ls 088-C4 P82-E27 088-E2 P82-E27s 089-C18 P83-F28 089-C18s P83-P20 089-E9 P83-P32 089-E9s P84-D27 089-P4 P84-E11 089-P4s P84-P19, M46-M1s M46-M3s M47-M1s M47-M3s M48-M1s M48-M3s M49-M1 M49-M1s M49-M3 M49-M3s M5-M1s M5-M3s M50-M1s M50-M5s M51-M1s M51-M3s M51-M5s M52-M1s M52-M5s M52-M6Ms M53-M3s M53-M5s M54-M1s M54-M3s M55-M1s M55-M5s M56-M10s M56-M1s M56-M5s M57-M1 M57-M1s M57-M3 M57-M3s M58-M1 M58-M1s M58-M3 M58-M3s M58-M5 M58-M5s M59-M1 M59-M1s M59-M5 M59-M5s M6-M1s M6-M6Ms M60-M1, E1011-C3s E1011-C4 E1011-C4s e1013-c1 e1013-c1s e1013-c2 e1013-c2s e610-c44s e610-c75s e630-col101 e630-col101s e630-col159 e630-col159s e670-col10s e670-col18s E671-Col101 E671-Col101s E671-Col184 E671-Col184s E671-Col404 E671-Col404s e685-col101s e685-col116s e685-col155s e692-col101 e692-col101s e692-col184 e692-col184s e692-col437 e692-col437s e693-col101s e693-col184s e693-col438s e694-col101 e694-col101s e694-col184 e694-col184s e694-col438 e694-col438s e695-col184s e695-col428s e695-col430s e696-col440s e696-col441s e699-col104 e699-col104s, C2-E23 C2-E23s C2-E28 C2-E28s C2-F1 C2-F14 C2-F14s C2-F16 C2-F16s C20-E25s C20-E31 C20-E31s C20-P1 C20-P17s C20-P1s C200-D50s C200-E100s C201-C54 C201-C54s C201-P61 C201-P61s C202-E100 C202-E100s C202-P59s C203-CR53 C203-CR53s C203-CR56 C203-CR56s C203-E100 C203-E100s C204-D50 C204-D50s C204-E100 C204-E100s C205-CRS2 C205-CRS2s C205-D49 C205-D49s C206-B6 C206-B6s C206-E90 C206-E90s C207-C73 C207-C73s C207-E84 C207-E84s, 089L-C10s P84-P38 089L-E9s P85-E46 090-c3s P85-P37 090-d1s P86-E19 090-p1s P86-E23 091-B1 P86-E46 092-B1 P86-E46s 092-B1s P8L-E11 092-E9 P8L-P19 092-E9s P8M-CRS2 092-P4 P8M-CRS2L 092-P4s P8M-CRS2Ls 093-B1 P8M-E10L 093-E2 P8M-E18L 093-P4 P8M-E8 094-C18 P8M-P16L 094-C18s P8M-P16Ls 094-C7s P8XS-CRS2L 094-E2 P8XS-D45 094-E2s P8XS-E10 094-E9 P8XS-E11 094-E9s P8XS-E18 095-C4 P8XS-E18L 095-E9 P8XS-P14 095-E9s P8XS-P16 095-P4 P8XS-P19L 096-CRS2 P8XS-P20 096-E2 P8XS-P25 096-E3 P9-BCKC 096-P4 P9-P20 097-E13 P90-CRS2Ls 097-E4 P90-E19Ls 098-C9 P90-E23Ls 098-E9 P91-E2s 099-E11 P91-P38s 099-E4 P92-BCK 500-CRS2 P92-BCKs 500-E11 P92-CR95s 500-E11s P92-E104 500-E2 P92-E104s 500-E22 P92-E10s 500-E2s P92-E127s 500-E3 P92-E14s 500-E8 P92-E4s 500-F6 P92-F40s 501-E5 P92-P35s, M60-M1s M60-M3 M60-M3s M60-M5 M60-M5s M61-M11M M61-M11Ms M61-M6M M61-M6Ms M62-M1 M62-M1s M62-M3 M62-M3s M63-M1s M63-M6Ms M64-M1s M64-M5s M65-M1s M65-M3s M66-M1s M66-M5s M67-M1s M67-M5s M68-M1 M68-M1s M68-M3 M68-M3bs M68-M3s M68-M5 M68-M5s M69-M1s M69-M5s M7-M1s M7-M3s M70-M1s M70-M3s M70-M5s M72-M1M M72-M1Ms M72-M3 M72-M3L M72-M6M M73-M13M M73-M18M M73-M19M M73-M6M, e699-col184 e699-col184s e699-col430 e699-col430s e699-col439 e699-col439s e709-col101s e709-col431s e709-col432s eb F002-BCKs F002-CR45s F002-P32s F005-D42s F005-E91s F005-F53s F006-BCKCs F006-D48s F006-E48s F007-CR11s F007-E8s F007-P32s F093-B1 F093-E5 F093-P1 F100-E5 F100-E5s F100-P10 F100-P4 F100L-E4 F103-CRS2 F103-CRS2s F103-E2 F103-E2s fc-01-001 fc-01-002 fc-01-003 fc-01-008 fc-01-009 fc-01-10 fc-01-11 fc-01-12 fc-01-20 fc-01-21 fubiz-black fubiz-blacks, C208-CR64 C208-CR64s C208-E110 C208-E110s C209-C48s C209-E109s C21-BCK C21-BCKs C21-C01M C21-C01Ms C21-C31 C21-C31s C21-C64 C21-C64s C21-E10 C21-E10s C21-E93 C21-E93s C21-T01 C21-T01s C210-E108s C210-E34s C210-P16s C212-C18 C212-C18s C212-P16 C212-P16s C213-CR15s C213-P14s C214-BCK C214-BCKs C214-D58 C214-D58s C214-E114 C214-E114s C214-P69 C214-P69s C215-E23s C215-P69s C216-CR45s C216-E10s C217-C74 C217-C74s C217-E116 C217-E116s C218-C74, 501-E5s P94-D6s 501-P4 P94-E2s 501-P4s P94-F55s 503-E2 P94-F56s 503-E5 P94-P19s 504-C19 P94-P31s 504-E2 P94-P33s 504-E5 P96-E53s 506-C19 P96-P19s 506-C4 P98-D35 506-E9 P98-D35s 507-C18 P98-E45 507-C18s P98-E45s 507-E2 P99-D33 507-E2s P99-D33s 508-B1 P99-E53 508-B1s P99-E53s 508-C17b persoBMs 508-C17bs ps2007-c1s 508-E9 ps2007-c2s 508-E9s ps2007-c3s 509-C17bs pv272-col278 509-E11s pv272-col278s 509-E2s pv272-col306 510-B1 pv272-col306s 510-E2 pv272-col308 510-P4 pv272-col308s 511-B1 pv272a-col201 511-C13M pv272a-col201s 511-E5 pv272b-col201 512-B1s pv272b-col289 512-C18s pv272b-col309 512-E9s pv274-col202 520-B1s pv274-col202s 520-B1s-pre pv274-col311 520-E10s pv274-col311s 520-E12s pv274-col312 520-F2s pv274-col312s 520-F6s pv274-col313 520-f6s-pre pv274-col313s 521-B1s pv275-col314 521-C8s pv275-col314s 521-E2s pv275-col315 522-C1s pv275-col315s 522-C9s pv275-col316 522-E2s pv276-col202, M74-m1 M74-M6M M74-M6MM M76-M12MM M76-M6M M76-M6MM M77-M1S M77-M3 M77-M3S M78-M1S M78-M5S M78-M6MS M8-M1MS M8-M1MM M8- M5MS M80-M1S M81-M1S M81-M6MS M82-M82-M5S M84-M1 M84-M3 M84-M3s M84-M5 M85-M1S M85-M3S M86-M1S M86-M6MS M88-M1MS M88-M1MS M88-M1MS M88 -M1 M89-M3 M9-M5S M90-M5S M90-M5S M90-M6M M90-M6MM M91-M1-M6MM M92-M1M M92-M1S M92-M3, Fubiz-White Fubiz-Whites HB-01-22 HB-01-150 HK-01-003 HK-01-003 HK-01-022 HK-01- 024 HK-01-024S HM-01-033 HM-01-034 I090-A10S I090-A7 I090-A7S I090-E3S i091-a10 i091-a10s i091-a6 i091-a6s i091-D6 i091 -D6s i092-A6 i092-A6s i092-BCK i092-BCKs i092-E3 i092-E3s i093-A2 i093-A2s i093-A4 i093-A4s i093-A6 i093-A6s i094-A10 i094-A10s i094-BCK i094-BCKs I094-CRS2 I094-CRS2S I094-E3 I094-E3S, C218-C74S C218-P70S C219-M1S C219-M5S C21S-CR28 C21S-E23 C21S-E23S C21S-E28 C21S-E28S C21S-E92 C21S-F17 C21S-P27 C21S-P27S C21XL-BCK C21XL-BCKS C21XL-BCKS C21XL-BCKS C21XL- C65 C21XL-C65S C21XL-C68S C21XL-E23 C22-C01 C22-T1 C22-T1 C22-T1S C22-T2S C220-E89 C220-E89S C220-F63 C220-F63S C220-P80S C221 -Bck C221-C221-F45 C224-E11S C224-E11S C224-E11S C224-E23 C224-E23 C224-E11S C224-E11S C224-E23 C224-E11S C224-E23S C224-E23S C224-E23S C224-E23S C224-E23S C224-F64, 530-E4S PV278-COL18 600-E15S PV278-COLL318 600-E15S PV279-COL 32060 602-E15S PV279-COL201 603-B1MS PV279-C2 604-E11S PV331-C1 605-C160 PV332-C160 PV332-C160 PV332-C160 PV332-C160 PV332-C2S 606 -7S PV332-C3S 608-E14S PV332-COL 2 609-E19S PV333 -L 2 610-E14BS PV333 -L 3 611-B1 PV334 -Col 1 611-E9S PV341-COL 1 611S-E4 PV341-COL 2 612-CRS2E PV341-COL 2S 612-E16 PV341- Col 3, 612-E17 PV342-C1S 616-P10 PV342-C3 616-P10 PV342-C3 616-P10 PV342-C3 616-P10 PV342-C1 616-P4 PV342-C3 616-PV342-C1 616- P4S PV343-C3 616-P8S PV409-COL202 A187A PV409-COL289 A187B PV409-COL311, M92-M3S M93-M5 M93-M5S M94-M1, M94-M3, M95-M1 M95-M3 M95-M3S M96-M1 M96-M1S M96-M3 M96-M3S M96-M5 M96-M5S M96-M7, M97-M1, M97-m3 M98-m3s M99-M99-M99-M99-M99-M5S MD-W4677-C20 MOD-W4677-C20 M5 W4677-C20 mod-w4677-c6 mod-w4677-c6s monture-fil monture- GAR mv10123-col200 mv10123-col200s mv10123-col400 mv10123-col400s mv10124-col200 mv10124-col200s mv10124-col400 mv10124-col400s mv10124-col500 mv10124-col500s mv10126-col02 mv10126-col03 mv10126-col04 mv10127-col01 mv10127-col03 mv10127-col04, I095-A10S i095-CRS2 i095-CRS2S i095-d20s i095-e3 i095-e3s i096-a4 i096-e3 i097-a10 i097-a10s i097-c13 i097-c13s i097-d20 i097-d20 D20s i097-e3s i098-a10 i098-a10s i098-a6s i098-a6s i098-d10s i099-a2 i099-a2s i099-a4 i099-a4s i099-a6 i099-a6s i100-a10 i100-beckm i100 -E3 i101-e3 i102-a10 i102-a10 i102-a10s i103-a10s i103-a10s i103-a10s i103-a10s i103-a10s i103- C224-f64s c225-f68s C226-C72S C226-D56S C227-E11S C228-C42S C229-E90S C229-CR11 C229-CR11S C229-E8 C229-E8S C23-BCKLS C23-BCKMS C23-C01 C23- C01S C23-E23S C23-E78 C23-F78S C23-T01 C23-T01S C23-T01S C23-T3S C231-P66S C231-M1 C232-M1 C232-M1S C232-M3 C232-M3s C233 -D57s C233-F22s C233-F36s C233-F63s C233-F71s C235-CR73s C235-E108s C237-E23s C237-P73s C238-E117 C238-E117s C238-F66 C238-F66s, A187bs pv409-col311s a187c pv409-col322 a187cs pv409-col322s A187d PV409S-E11 a187s PV409S-E24 A1L-M1 pv411-col201 A1L-M1s pv411-col201s A1L-M3 pv411-col289 A1L-M3s pv411-col289s A1L-M5 pv411-col325 A1L-M5s pv411-col325s A1L-M6M pv414-col201 A1L-M6Ms pv414-col289 A1S-M1 pv414-col326 A1S-M1s pv415-col202 A1S-M3 pv415-col289 A1S-M3s pv415-col349 A1S-M5 pv417-col202 A1S-M5s pv417-col324 A1XL-M1 pv419-c3 A1XL-M12 pv419-c3s A1XL-M12s pv419--clip A1XL-M13 pv419-col202 A1XL-M13s pv419-col202s A1XL-M1s PV419-COL289 A1XL-M3 pv419-col290 A1XL-M3s pv419-col290s A2-CR49 pv419-col324 A2-CRS2 pv419-col324s A2-D45 pv428-col202 A2-E11 pv428-col202s A2-P19 pv428-col324 A2L-CR88 pv428-col324s A2L-E11 pv429-col202 A2L-P19 pv429-col202s A2XS-CRS2 pv429-col289 A2XS-E11 pv429-col289s A2XS-E18 pv432-c1 A2XS-E94 pv432-c1s A2XS-P74 pv432-c2, A6 pv432-c2s A6A pv432-col3 A6D pv432-col3s A6F PV436-C1 brook-black pv436-c1s brook-blacks pv436-C2, mv10128-col100 mv10128-col100s mv10128-col200 mv10128-col200s mv10128-col500 mv10128-col500s mv10129-col100 mv10129-col100s mv10129-col200 mv10129-col200s mv10129-col500 mv10129-col500s mv50023-c1 mv50023-c1s mv50023-c2 mv50023-c2s mv50023-c3 mv50023-c3-op mv50023-c3-ops mv50023-c3s mv50023-c6 mv50023-c6s mv50024-c1 mv50024-c1s mv50024-c2 mv50024-c2s mv50024-c3 mv50024-c3s mv50024-c5 mv50024-c5s mv50028-c3 mv50028-c4 mv50033-c1 mv50033-c1s mv50033-c2 mv50033-c2s mv50033-c3 mv50033-c3s mv50036-c2 mv50036-c2s mv50036-col2 mv50036-col2s mv50040-c1 mv50040-c1s mv50040-c2 mv50040-c2s, i103-A6s C239-CR32 i103-CRS2 C239-CR32s i103-CRS2s C239-E50 i104-A7 C239-E50s i104-D7 C24-E10L i104-E3 C24-E10Ls i105-A2 C24-E23 i105-A4 C24-E23s i105-A6 C24-T02 i106-A6 C24-T02s i106-BCK C24-T1 i106-P9 C24-T1s i107-A10 C240-M1 i107-A10s C240-M1s i107-P6 C240-M3 i107-P6s C240-M3s i107-P9 C241-CR93 i107-P9s C241-CR93s i108-A7s C241-E83 i108-CRS2 C241-E83s i108-CRS2s C246-CRS2 i108-E3 C246-CRS2s i108-P9 C246-P79 i109-A10 C246-P79s i109-D7 C248-CR99 i109-E3 C248-CR99s i110-A2 C248-E137 i110-A4 C248-E137s i110-A6 C249-E111s i111-A6 C249-E112 i111-A6s C249-E112s i111-E3 C25-T1s i111-E3s C25-T2s i111-P9 C250-B12 i111-P9s C250-B12s i112-BCK C250-E23 i112-E3 C250-E23s i112-P9 C251-F45 i113-CR C251-F45s i113-CRs C251-P72 i113-E3 C251-P72s i113-E3s C252-E23 i113-P9 C252-E23s i113-P9s C252-P9 i114-A10 C252-P9s i114-A10s C254-E123Ls, brook-blue, brook-blues, brook-grey, brook-greys, brook-turt, brook-turts BROOKLY-BLEU-CEpLvE6S3T2E-c2s C1-CR76 pv632-c3 C1-CR76s pv632-c3s C1-E18 pv633-c1 C1-E23 pv633-c2 C1-E23s R1-BCKs C1-E27 R1-EC1s C1-E27s R2-BCKs C1-E28 R2-EC1s C1-E28s R3-BRWs C1-E32 R4-BCKs C1-E32s R4-EC1s C1-E50 R5-M5s C1-E86 R6-BCKs C1-E86s R7-M1s C1-P33 R7-M2s C1-P39 R8-EC1s C1-P39s R8-EC3s C1-P4 R8-EC4s C1-P4s s102-col101 C1-P52 s102-col101s C1-P52s s102-col434 C10-BCK s102-col434s C10-BCKs s102-col457s C10-C34s s103-col104 C10-C35s s103-col104s C10-C36s s103-col184 C10-E23 s103-col184s C10-E23s s103-col434 C10-E47s s103-col434s C10-P14s s104-col104 C100-BCKs s104-col104s C100-P38s s104-col450 C101-E23s s104-col450s C101-E47s s104-col454 C102-BCKs s104-col454s C102-E10s s104-col455 C103-BCKs s104-col455s C103-E23s s107-col429 C104-C43s s107-col429s, mv50040-c3 mv50040-c3s mv50042-c1 mv50042-c1s mv50042-c2 mv50042-c2s mv50042-c3 mv50042-c3s mv50042-c4 mv50042-c4s mv50059-c1 mv50059-c2 mv50059-c3 mv50060-c1 mv50060-c1s mv50060-c2 mv50060-c2s mv50060-c3 mv50060-c3s mv50060-c4 mv50060-c4s mv50079-col1 mv50079-col2 mv50080-c1 mv50080-c2 MV50107-C1-OP mv50108-c1 mv50118-c1 mv50118-c1s mv50118-c2s mv50118-col2 mv50194 mv50207-col6 mv50207-col7 of021-col2 of021-col2s of021-col3 of021-col3s OF1046 of1050-c1 of1050-c1s of1050-c2 of1050-c2s of1050-c3 of1050-c3s of1051-c1, pv436-c2s pv436-C3 pv436-c3s pv632-c1 pv632-c1s pv632-c2, i114-B4 i114-B4s i114-BCK i114-BCKs i114-CRS2 i114-CRS2s i115-A10 i115-D20 i115-E3 i116-A10 i116-D20 i116-E3 i117-A4 i117-A6 i117-CR i118-BCK i118-E3 i118-P9 i119-BCK i119-P9 i120-BCK i120-P9 i121-A10s i121-B2s i121-BCKs i122-A10s i122-BCKs i123-B3s i123-BCKs i123-E3s i124-CRS2 i124-CRS2s i124-D19 i124-D19s i124-D20s i124-E3 i124-E3s i125-A10s i125-B2s i125-B3s i125-BCKs i126-CR i126-E3 i126-P9 i127-BCK i127-D20, C254-P78Ls C255-BCKs C255-CR101s C255-E139s C256-E140 C256-E140s C256-E141 C256-E141s C257-BCKs C257-E81s C257-F77s C258-D62s C258-E23s C26-BCKL C26-C01s C26-C34 C26-P25L C26-T02s C27-C01M C27-C01Ms C27-T01 C27-T01s C27-T03 C27-T03s C28-C01s C28-E10Ls C28-E23s C28-E32s C28-T01s C28-T4s C29-BCKLs C29-C01 C29-C01s C29-E23s C29-T01 C29-T01s C29-T5s C3-E23 C3-E23s C3-E28 C3-E28s C30-BCKs C30-C01s C30-F26s C30-T01s C30-T6s, C104-E10s C105-BCK C105-BCKs C105-E10 C105-E10s C106-C24s C106-CRS2s C106-E23s C107-BCKs C107-E23s C108-E19s C108-E8s C109-E11Ls C109-E47s C109-E73Ls C109-E74 C109-E74s C11-P16 C11-P16s C11-P17 C11-P17s C110-E19s C110-F4s C111-E46 C111-P4 C112-C31s C112-C4s C112-E53s C112-E80s C112-F37s C112-F45Ls C113-C33s C113-E10s C114-C56 C114-C56s C114-CRS2 C114-CRS2s C114-E136s C114-E18 C114-E18s C115-D12s C115-E11s C115-E23s C116-BCKs C116-D60s C116-E54s, s107-col450 s107-col450s s108-col101 s108-col101s s108-col433 s108-col433s s108-col450 s108-col450s s109-col101 s109-col101s s109-col450 s109-col450s s110-col101s s110-col450s s114-col429s s122-col404 s122-col404s s122-col470 s122-col470s s122-col471 s122-col471s s128-col101 s128-col101s s128-col434 s128-col434s s137-col101 stan-black stan-dark stan-grey T003-M1s T003-M3s T003-M5s v100-col289 v100-col289s v100-col325 v100-col325s v102-col201 v102-col201s v102-col290 v102-col290s v103-col202 v103-col202s v103-col349 v103-col349s V104-col202 V104-col290, of1051-c1s of1051-c2 of1051-c2s of1051-c3 of1051-c3s of1051-c8 of1051-c8s OF1051S-C2 OF1051S-E2 of1052-c1 of1052-c2 of1052-c3 of1052-c4 of1052-C8 of1053-c1 of1053-c1s of1053-c2 of1053-c2s of1053-c3 of1053-c3s of1053-c4 of1053-c4s of1054-c1 of1054-c2 of1054-c3 of1054-c4 of1124-col349 of1140-COL201 of1140-col201s of1140-COL289 of1140-COL289s OF1148-col290 OF1148-col290s P1-BCKL p1-bckl-screen P1-CR43 P1-CRS2L P1-D21, P1-D33 P1-E10L P1-E10LM P1-E26L P1-E27L P1-E28 P1-F4 P1-P14, i127-E3 C31-BLK i128-A10s C31-BLKs i128-B2s C31-C01s i128-BCKs C31-E10s i72-C5 C31-T01s, i72-E2 C31-T7s, i72-E3 C32-C01s, i73-c13 C32-T3s, i73-E2 C33-BCK, i73-E3 C33-BCKs, i74-A4 C33-C01s i74-A6 C33-F14 i74-D6 C33-F14s I76-BCKs C33-T01s I76-D17s C34-BCKLs I76-D18s C34-C17Ls i77-A10s C34-C19s i77-BCKs C34-E10s i77-D10s C34-E23s i78-A10s C34-E34s i78-CRSs C34-F26s i78-D4s C34-F29s i80-a6 C34-P31s i80-A6s C35-C19s i80-bck C35-CR12Ls i80-BCKs C35-D32 i80-c5 C35-D32s i80-C5s C35-E10Ls I81-A3 C35-E23 I81-A3s C35-E23s I81-BCK C35-E25Ls I81-BCKs C35-E25s I81-E2 C35-E31s I81-E2s C35-E95s i84-A10s C35-P37s, C116-E83s C116-E88s C116-E8s C116-P32s C117-BCKs C117-C44s C117-C69s C117-C70s C117-F55s C117-F56s C117-F73s C118-CR2 C118-CRS2 C118-D37 C118-P19 C118-P19L C119-E10 C119-E10s C119-F4 C119-F4s C12-M1s C12-M2s C12-M3s C120-CR45 C120-CR45s C120-E23 C120-E23s C120-E48 C120-E48s C120-E8 C120-E8s C120L-D6 C120L-D6s C120L-E48 C120L-E48s, v109-col289 v109-col289s v109-col358 v109-col358s v110a-col3 v112-col2 v112-col2s v112-col5 v112-col5s v116-col201 v116-col349 v117-col201 v117-col201s v117-col290 v117-col290s v117-col349 v117-col349s v117-col378 v117-col378s v120-col202 v120-col290 v120-col290s v120-col349 v120-col349s v120-col379 w4687-c20 w4687-c20s w4687-c9 w4687-c9s west-black West-blacks west-red West-reds west-turt West-turts, P1-P19 P1-P19L P1-p19l-screen P10-E27 P10-E41 P10-P14M P10-P21 P100-E11 P100-P16 P102-F4 P102-P4 P103-E51 P103-E51s P103-P4 P103-P4s P104-E19L P104-E82 P104-P16 P105-E10L P105-E19 P106-E11s P106-E17s P106-E75s P106-E77s P106-P16s P107-CRS2s P107-D60 P107-D60s P107-E11s P107-E75s P107-E76 P107-E76s P108-BCKs P108-CRS2s P109-CRS7s, P109-E51s P11-D19 P11-E10 P11-E10L p11-E10Ls P11-E23L P11-E28L P11-F23 P11-P14 P11-P16 P11-P16s P11-P18 P11-P19 P110-C13s P110-CRS13s P110-E11s P110-E19s P110-E4s P111-BCKL P111-C66 P111-P14 P111-P40 P112-C19s P112-CRs P113-BCKLs P114-BCKs P114-C44s P114-C55s P114-CR20s P114-CRs P115-BCKs P115-C13s P116-BCKLs P116-C10s P117-E2L P117-E2Ls P117-E51 P117-E51s P118-BCKL P118-BCKLs P118-E31L P118-E31Ls P119-BCKL, P119-BCKLs P119-C13L P119-C13Ls P119-C71 P119-C71s P119-E23 P119-E23s P119-E31L P119-E31Ls P119-P75L P119-P75Ls P12-BCKC P12-BCKCs P12-CRS3 P12-CRS3s P120-BCK P120-BCKLs P120-BCKs P121-C48L P121-C48Ls P121-D38 P121-D38s P121-E19s P121-E57 P121-E57s P121-E78s P121-P19L P121-P19Ls P121-P19s P122-E23 P122-E58 P123-E48 P123-P19 P123-P48L P124-E23L P124-E59 P124-E78 P125-CR14 P125-CR14s P125-CRS5s P125-E65s P125-E8s P125-F44Ls P125-P19 P125-P19s P125-P32s, P125-P48s P126-E52Ls P126-E55s P127-CR14s P127-E59s P128-BCKs P128-CRs P128-E19s P128-E26s P128-E4 P128-E4s P128-E60 P128-E60s P128-P16 P128-P16s P128-P62 P128-P62s P129-E138 P129-E18 P129-E27 P129-P42 P13-BCKC P13-BCKCs P13-C39 P13-C39s P13-P18 P13-P18s P13-P19 P13-P19s P130-E10 P130-E10s P130-E23 P130-E23s P130-E61L P130-E61Ls P131-C13L P131-C13Ls P131-D54 P131-D54s P131-E130s P131-E4s P131-E60 P131-E60s P131-E61 P131-E61s P131-E79, P131-E79s P131-E95 P131-E95s P131-E96 P131-E96s P131-F27s P131-P17s P131-P29s P131-P33 P131-P33s P131-P75 P131-P75s P131XL-C13L P131XL-C13Ls P131XL-CR50L P131XL-CR50Ls P131XL-E61 P131XL-E61s P131XL-E95 P131XL-E95s P131XL-P75 P131XL-P75s P132-BCKLs P132-D28s P132-E10 P132-E10s P132-E23L P132-E23Ls P132-E77 P132-E77s P132-P43 P132-P43s P132-P75 P132-P75s P133-D35s P133-E23s P134-BCKLs P134-CR2Ls P134-P33Ls P136-E62s P137-BCKLs P137-CR2Ls P138-C44s P138-CR94s P138-E23s P138-E54s, P139-CR2s P14-C39 P14-C39s P14-CR P14-CRs P14-CRS2 P14-CRS2s P14-CRSs P14-E23 P14-E23s P14-E31 P14-E31s P14-P17s P14-P18 P14-P18s P14-P26 P14-P26s P14-P37 P140-CRS2 P140-E65 P141-E68 P141-E68s P141-P16 P141-P16s P143-CR14s P143-CR15 P143-E23 P145-E69s P145-P32s P146-E23s P146-E67s P147-CR17s P147-P19 P147-P19s P148-CR15s P148-E10s P148-E23s P148-E40s P149-F22s P149-P30s P15-CR25 P15-CR25s P15-E23 P15-E23s P15-E42 P15-E42s, P150-D1s P150-E64s P151-BCKs P151-E72s P152-CRS2s P152-P19s P153-E11s P153-P45s P154-E48s P155-C19Ls P155-CR15s P156-BCKC P156-BCKCs P156-CR20s P156-CR21 P156-CR21s P156-CR22s P156-E79 P156-E79s P156-F45L P156-F45Ls P156-P57 P156-P57s P156-P58 P156-P58s P157-BCKs P157-C53s P157-C54s P158-P32s P158-P47s P159-BCKLs P159-BCKs P159-CR2s P159-E124Ls P159-F54Ls P16-E31L P160-BCKs P161-B1 P161-B1s P161-BCKs P161-CR P161-CR15 P161-CR15s P161-CRs P161-E74s P161-P46L, P161-P46Ls P162-C13 P162-E23 P163-BCK P163-BCKs P163-C15s P163-E18s P164-CR21s P164-CR75s P164-CR94s P164-E18s P164-E53Ls P164-P19s P165-D6 P165-D6s P165-E13 P165-E13s P166-BCKs P166-E57s P166-P73Ls P167-B7 P167-B7s P167-C31 P167-C31s P167-E11 P167-E11s P167-P56 P167-P56s P168-CR2 P168-P16 P169-CR22 P169-CRS P169-CRS2 P169-E23 P169-E78 P17-E26 P17-E26s P17-E28 P17-P20 P171-C19s P171-P48s P172-CRs P172-E23s P173-CR2Ls P173-E85Ls P173-P33Ls, P174-C58Ls P174-E17s P175-CR18Ls P175-CR75s P175-CR94s P175-E131s P175-E69s P175-F36s P175-F41Ls P176-CR21Ls P176-E23Ls P177-F42 P177-P48 P178-CR22 P178-CR72 P178-CR77 P178-CR77s P178-D56 P178-D56s P178-E18 P178-E18s P178-E8 P178-E81 P178-P78 P178-P78s P179-CRS2 P179-P19 P18-BCKC P18-P26 P180-C57s P180-E8s P181-BCKLs P182-C52s P182-E23s P182-P75Ls P184-BCKs P184-C33s P184-D55s P184-E11 P184-E11s P184-E129s P184-F45s P185-E66L P185-P10L P186-CR30Ls P186-F34Ls, P187-CR15L P187-CR15Ls P187-CR34Ls P187-E23 P187-E23s P188-E81s P188-E82s P189-CR5L P189-P16L P19-BCKC P19-E31 P190-CR18 P190-CR18s P190-E19 P190-E19s P191-BCK P191-CRS2 P191-E17L P191-P4L P192-C62s P192-F46s P193-BCKLs P193-E83s P193-P16Ls P194-BCKL P194-BCKLs P194-D21 P194-D21s P194-E18L P194-E18Ls P194-E86s P194-P43 P194-P43s P195-D21 P195-D21s P195-E23 P195-E23s P195-P9 P195-P9s P196-E23L P196-E86L P198-E19 P198-E19s P198-E40L P198-E40Ls P199-BCKC, P199-BCKCs P199-BCKs P199-CR39 P199-CR39s P199-D36s P1XS-E23 P1XS-P16 P2-C30 P2-E10 P2-E10L P2-E13 P2-E13s P2-E18L P2-E27L P2-P18 P2-P33 P2-P37 P2-P6 P2-P64 P2-P64s P20-CRS2L P20-CRS2Ls P20-E23 P20-E23s P20-E28 P20-E28s P200-D46Ls P200-E27s P201-CRS2 P201-F20 P202-D42 P202-E84 P203-CR44Ls P203-E124Ls P203-E8Ls P204-BCK P204-CR42L P205-BCKCs P205-CRS2s P206-BCKCLs P206-D41s P207-C33Ls P207-E50Ls P207-P6Ls P208-CR47s P208-F53s, P209-F53s P209-F58s P21-CRS2L P21-E23L P210-C19s P211-C31s P212-BCKCs P212-F57s P213-E85Ls P215-CR51s P215-D49 P215-D49s P217-BCK P217-P59 P218-D51 P218-D51s P218-P61 P218-P61s P219-CR52 P219-E100 P22-E31 P22-P4 P220-C57 P220-C57s P220-D52 P220-D52s P221-D51 P221-D51s P221-P61 P221-P61s P222-BCK P222-BCKs P222-CR12s P222-E105s P222-E4 P222-E4s P223-E4Ls P223-F39Ls P224-B4 P224-B4s P224-E23 P224-E23s P225-B2 P225-B2s P225-E107 P225-E107s, P226-E90s P227-CR59s P227-CR60s P227-E19s P228-CR61Ls P228-E8s P228-F60s P229-CR62s P229-P67s P23-E11 P23-P19L P230-CR63 P230-F61 P231-D53s P231-F62s P232-B3 P232-E101 P233-BCKs P233-C75s P233-CRs P233-E115s P234-D59s P234-E23s P235-E114s P235-E67s P236-CR45 P236-CR45s P236-E95 P236-E95s P238-CR88Ls P238-E132s P238-E13s P238-F39s P238-F65s P238-P66s P239-CR81s P239-CR97s P239-E83s P239-F42s P239-P19s P24-E23L P24-E33 P240-BCKs P240-E18s P240-F63Ls P241-CR77, P241-CR77s P241-E23 P241-E23s P241-E83s P242-CR80s P242-E77s P242-E8s P242-F67s P244-E112s P244-E113L P244-E113Ls P245-BCKs P245-C6s P246-CRs P246-P16s P248-F69s P248-P72L P248-P72Ls P25-E23 P25-E23s P250-BCKs P250-CR24s P250-P71s P251-BCKs P251-E83 P251-E83s P251-F45 P251-F45s P252-BCKs P252-C4s P255-B13 P255-B13s P255-E23 P255-E23s P255-E67s P255-P68s P257-E11s P257-E123Ls P258-CR73s P258-CR74s P258-E108s P259-E78 P259-F70 P26-BCKLs P26-C2Ls P26-C34s, P26-C56-C33s P26-CR11Ls P26-E11Ls P26-E18Ls P26-E21Ls P26-E31Ls P26-P25Ls P260-CR P260-CRs P260-E126 P260-E126s P261-B12s P261-E23Ls P262-D62s P262-E8s P263-CR96s P263-E76 P263-E76s P264-D6s P264-E8s P265-D45 P265-D45s P265-E23 P265-E23s P266-E134 P266-E134s P266-P81 P266-P81s P27-E10Ls P27-E31Ls P274-BCK P274-E23 P277-C79 P277-C79s P277-CR45


Sont conformes aux exigences relatives au Règlement UE 2016/425

selon le standard de la norme EN ISO 12312-1:2013 / A1:2015.



Antonin Chartier

Président Directeur Général