Parly 2
Jimmy Fairly - Parly 2

Shopping Centre Parly 2
2 av Charles de Gaulle (Level 1)
78150 Le Chesnay, France

From Monday to Saturday
10:00AM à 8:30PM
11:00AM à 7:00PM

This boutique is equipped with a eye test machine. Our opticians can verify your correction within 30 minutes.

Free eye test

Whether or not you wear glasses, it is always a good idea to have your eyes checked once a year. Come get your eyes tested by our team of expert optometrists.

Please set aside 30 minutes for your eye test.

Our eye tests are free if a purchase is made on the same day, otherwise they are £25.

Our eye test covers prescription lenses only, not contact lenses.

We test from +18 years old

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