More sustainable & more lovable eyewear.

Better Everyday.

Our philosophy is to improve every day. All our teams are working to limit our environmental impact as much as possible. Here, we share with you our improvements and those to come.

Our materials
look to the futur.

Yesterday's glasses are nothing like today's. And we're already thinking about tomorrow's. And we're already thinking about tomorrow's: even more responsible frames, made from recycled or biosourced materials.

Eco-acétate Matériaux bio-sourcés Acétate renew

Bioacetate :

A sustainable material extracted from cotton or wood cellulose. It is then transformed into sheets of different thicknesses, from which we cut the face and temples of our frames.

  • Biobased material
  • Biodegradable
  • Anallergic

Bio-sourced materials:

Our most innovative and irreproachable material, made from oyster shells and castor oil. Or how to create a green and natural alternative to fossil oil-based polymers.

  • Renewable material
  • Low carbon footprint
  • 100% Recyclable

Recycled Acetate:

The upcycled version of acetate, where our offcuts are reused in a zero waste approach. The result: unique, limited-edition colours. Or how to go from trashy to desirable in no time at all.

  • 100% recycled
  • Zero Waste Certified
  • Limited edition

Our icons.

Reuse, Repeat.

Recycle all your old pairs of glasses in our shops to give them a second life.

new store.

  • An address designed to highlight our sustainable commitments.

  • Recycled or bio-sourced models.

Made in Jimmy Fairly.

Our glasses are designed, assembled and distributed without intermediaries. We can tell you where and how our models are made. We choose each component carefully. And all our frames come with a one-year guarantee!

It all starts with choosing the best: from suppliers to materials.
Creation Paris
Our studio designs each model. We are currently working on developing our own components (rivets, hinges, bristles)..
We have developed our own lenses with a top-of-the-range manufacturing workshop - so demanding that in our tests (blind and laboratory), our coatings received the highest score, ahead of the 3 largest glassmakers in the world.
We check them by hand in our workshop in Goussainville.
Cellulose acetate Italy & China
The essential material for optics, made from cotton extracts or tree pulp. We source ours from the best: Mazzuchelli in Italy and Jonyu and Jimei in China.
Titanium Germany
A metal that is biocompatible, light, strong and easy to handle. Our metal comes from OBE, who create our hinges and screws to the highest standards. Their products defy endurance tests and preserve our resources: you can't get much better than that.
Manufacturing France & Asia
We have two manufacturing circuits, one in Asia and the other in Oyonnax, France. We carefully select workshops that share our vision and high standards.

Since day one.

Discover our collections

From day one, our aim has been to create a positive impact. "Buy one, Give one": for every pair sold, we fund the cost of a pair of reading glasses for an NGO RestoringVision, for the 2.5 billion people who have no vision correction.

We know: access to sight is a step towards education and better paid employment. In 10 years, we've helped over a million people, thanks to you.

5 initiatives we're proud of.
One. Million. Wow.
Since our creation in 2010, we have been able to donate more than 1 million pairs as part of our "Buy one, Give one" solidarity programme.
60% of our creations
are made from natural or renewable materials. By 2024, we want to reach 80%..
100% of our collections
are produced in limited editions. No sales or overproduction.
100% of our addresses
are supplied with green electricity (shops, workshops and offices).
0% of plastic
100% of our single-use packaging has been replaced by reusable tote bags.