[Last updated on April 27 at 12:21 pm]

Are you still going to treat online glasses?

Yes - All your online orders continue to be treated in a secure setting.

Our workshop continues its reduced workforce activities and according to the strict recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Government. The delivery will be offered and will now be ensured only via Colissimo 48h without signature

Given the exceptional situation, however, delivery times can be longer.

The return and guarantee times for your orders are extended by 30J.


Are your shops still open?

Non - As a precaution all our shops in France and Germany are closed. Our shops in the UK remain open, we follow closely the official recommendations of the authorities concerned.

Our online store remains open and we are currently still able to assemble your Jimmy in our workshops in the strictest respect for the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Government.

My order is still in process during treatment, can I change my delivery address?

Yes, we have set up a device for delivering you to the address of your choice.

To recover your glasses, you have two options:
1. Wait for the reopening of our shops to pick them up.
2. Have you delivered your order from home via Colissimo signs.

You have to receive a link by email and / or SMS asking you to inform the address you wish to be delivered. If you have not been contacted, you can send us your questions to Wecare@jimmyfailry.com.

My order is delivered in store, then I recover it?

It is with immense regret that we inform you that it will be necessary to wait for the reopening of our shops in a few weeks to be able to recover your order. We are sincerely sorry for this news.

Your satisfaction period of 30J as well as the one-year warranty of your glasses will be extended and we will be able to process your order requests upon reopening of our shops.

I wish to make a return / exercise my guarantee of a month satisfied or refunded, is it possible?

Unfortunately we are not currently able to process your requests for returns and repayments. Your warranty period will be extended and you will be able to exercise your rights upon reopening of our shops in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Can I still contact you?

We are here for you and our Team Customer Experience has set up a reduced permanence.We will try to answer all your questions and advise you on Wecare@jimmyfairly.com and our Instagram @jimmyfairly account.

And in the meantime, we also promise to make the Spirit Jimmy Fairly in other forms with a little lightness and a lot of positive waves ❤️