Shop schedules and appointments


We are here for you ❤️

Which shops are closed?


In Paris: Beaugrenelle, Four-Time Defense, West, Galleries Lafayette, Spring and Cheap, Parly 2, Saint Lazare, Velizy 2.

In the province: Cape 3000, Lyon share God.


Should I make an appointment?


You can visit us in shop with or without an appointment.

Appointments are not mandatory, but they allow you to enjoy a privileged moment and personalized support with one of our opticians.


I made an appointment, can I come along with my appointment?


You can of course come accompanied.
Our opticians welcome you in the greatest respect for barrier gestures.
Be careful however, the number of people being limited in shop, your +1 may be required to wait if necessary.


What checkbox for my travel certificate?


This is box # 2:
"Travel for purchases of supplies needed for professional activity, basic purchases [3] In establishments whose activities remain authorized, the removal of order and the deliveries at home "


Do I receive a confirmation message for my appointment?


Yes, you will receive an SMS and a confirmation email just after booking your niche.


If necessary, you can modify or cancel your appointment by clicking on the "Change my reservation" link present in this confirmation email.


Can we have a new order in store?


In store, you can:

👉 Get your glasses

👉 Pass your new orders

👉 Take a ☕️ with us


Can I try the pairs in shops?


Yes you can try our mounting frames in the greatest respect for barrier gestures and sanitary rules.


Does we have the right to go to your shops?


Yes. Because your glasses are health equipment, a Certificate of the Government Allows you to move to pick up your order.


Hello, you make glasses? Will they be reimbursed by the mutual?


Yes of course, we have been opticians for 10 years and we put your optical and solar mounts according to your corrections. Our eyeglasses are well supported by your mutual.


Are your warranty and exchange deadlines are lengthened?


Yes, for all your orders, they are prolonged 30 days.


How can I contact you?


We are here for you.


We will answer all your questions and advise via this form And on our Instagram account in DM @jimmyfairly.


I received my order Jimmy Fairly at home. How to adjust my mount?


Our opticians set your mounting frames for your Jimmy perfectly fit your face.


Will the orders put more time to be prepared?


We do everything for your Jimmy to be prepared in time and time in the usual time.